Desktop version on across mobiles

I would like to access kite web desktop version exactly same as on the desktop. How do I that?
The chrome mobile web version doesn’t show day’s percentage change in Holdings. This is absolutely necessary for me to decide which stocks I should buy/sell.

Download kite app from play store. its shows every detail brother.

I have it & use it. But I login multiple profiles so kite desktop version is must for me.

try firefox mobile version.

I have tried every mobile browsers. Doesn’t work. Did it work for you?
I guess the issue is the stylesheet used adapts to the screen dimensions & reduces the number of columns (strips the days percentage change in Holdings for example).
@siva please swalpa nodi Saar !

@nithin please can this be addressed urgently?

@nithin please can you help here sir !


In your browser settings there is an option to get the desktop version of the page. That should help!


No that’s not working. Please try out yourself.

@bhuvnesh, @nithin please help here

My android phone is rooted. I’ve installed titanium backup and created multiple profiles for kite app. Placed titanium backup widget on home screen to switch profile. With this setup, switching between profiles are just a matter of clicks. (if your phone is rooted and you are happy with kite for android features, this solution should work for you)

But if your mobile is not rooted, I don’t see any solutions other than zerodha technical team changes web layout, which is highly unlikely.

The kite app from the playstore should be a nice solution for you.

Ohh rooted, never mind the previous answer.

While open kite then check right top for settings.then click for desktop version on browser may get what you want exactly sir

Any progress on this? I am myself looking forward to seeing this one desperately needed upgrade. A lot of us dont need our Windows computers all the time or cannot be carrying a laptop everywhere. And for those skilled with a keyboard, the Kite web version is fantastic compared to the mobile version. But whatever Android device we open Kite on, whatever browser we open it on, it opens the mobile view only. Like on the web version both the watchlist and the dashboard are visible. But on a tablet, I mean come on…tablets nowadays are laptop replacements. I for instance carry with me a portable mouse and keyboard with a 10.5 inch tablet instead of the bulky 17 inch laptop while travelling. But the lack of desktop version when opened on the tablet seriously cripples me.

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I also had requested and highlighted this. But, no luck.
@nithin sir plz

Isn’t there an option on Chrome to open the desktop site?

Try that. It still doesn’t load the desktop site. I guess either media query in CSS is messed up or this is by design.
It is sad it is this way !

I don’t think it will work anytime soon. Kite app is arm architecture and kite web is x86 architecture. They don’t work similarly.
But Devs can add good features to Android app , if they ever wanted to.