Detailed explanation on trading overseas

New to the forum, I used to read without signing up.
I have been trading in overseas derivatives globally for the past two years, it costs around 12-15 lakh to setup. And there are yearly compliance cost. Best to stick to Zerodha, make a profit in Indian markets as the taxation and compliance is a bit complex overseas.

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This forum isn’t meant for soliciting numbers/business. It would helpful to everyone if you could write about the process in detail :slight_smile:

It is a very complex legal process, and people are more than likely to copy it and get into trouble.
It involves setting up complex structures.

It requires yearly compliance, so it can be pretty expensive.

Im interested in pursuing this route to be able to trade in F&O abroad, apart from what I do here in India
The cost you mention is perhaps worth it.
But can you please guide me further?

Did @HFT get in touch with you? I’m also interested!

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@HFT, I am interested in knowing the setup to trade US derivatives(FnO) from India. I have accounts with US brokers that I used to use trade futures and options in US.

Hi, Please explain further.