Details of pre-calculated support & resistance points on NSE charts?

hello ,

the NSE charts have started showing support & resistance on its as R1,R2,S1,S2 etc

there is also something called PV mentioned , may i know what exactly does it mean ?

i would like to know how R1,R2 ,S1,S2 etc are calculated ? & by whom ?

why MCX charts don't show these ?

thank you

Hello Friend

Those are called Pivot Points. Currently PI giving Pivot points only for Stocks and its Derivatives. It is not giving Pivot points for MCX futures at present.

In PI those are Standard Pivot Points. There are different types of Pivot point calculations are there in usage.

If you want to know how to trade with them and its calculation Please go through this Link.

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so these reference points only PI users get … not other NSE traders ?

Those are Depend on Platform You are using. In Trading Platform prospective Sharekhan Trade tiger Providing from long back…