Dhan Trading Platform

Did anyone using dhan is it a good broker to trade OTM options, any review about it.

Yes, I’ve been trying it recently, primarily because their API access is free while Zerodha charges 2000 per month.

So far so good, the speed of execution is on par with Zerodha, and their app/website is much more feature rich than Zerodha (though sometimes bordering on being too much stuffed with features).

e.g. if I need to roll-over Axis Bank futures every month, on Zerodha I need to add the 3 futures (current/near/far) to marketwatch manually, while they just provide a short cut to see all Axis Bank futures.


TQ I want to open dhan account just to trade otm options, Zerodha is good except otm options trading. Iam looking for alternative thanks for suggestion.

I beg to differ on speed of exexcution…it is pathetic on Dhan… a large chunk of profit is wiped off in between your mouse click and order execution. Rest of all what you said is OK. Sensibull has jusssst added sensex options to their arsenal a week ago,but dont allow market orders on them,just limit orders whereas Dhan allows it.

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I think market orders are blocked by BSE and not by broker. Someone from Zerodha can confirm.

I have placed market order on sensex options on Dhan platform may times.

I traded on dhan, I can say it has many features but seems everything is dumped with out proper UI thus having bad UX. From adding stock on to market watch to placing order everything is slow compared to zerodha. One good thing about them is they roll out features fast, Zerodha is very slow in rolling new features but their UI/UX is top and guess no one come closer to it.


@siva , Totally agreed :100:

i agree zerodha is best but 1 thing which i dont like about them is feature implementation , they take very huge time than expected for very basic things also (like trade from chart which is pending for almost 1 - 2 yrs , trading view v2 is still in beta for almost 9 months , even a watchlist increase is also pending from a year ) and they not work very much on user suggestion , but rest all things are best

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Zerodha seems to prioritize thorough testing before releasing new features, resulting in almost bug-free updates. In contrast, other brokers rush to release features, leading to buggy implementations that require optimization based on user feedback over time, taking about a year or more to become fully reliable.


they have increased the watchlist size, yes it still shows 50/50 stocks but if you try adding another scrip it will add it and show it as 51/50 and so on.

Angel One is more reliable which allow OTM trading.

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i agree. it happens evrytime