Did Zerodha just invest my money without my consent for one day?


I received a letter from “Reliance liquidity fund” notifying me of an investment of 39k on date 18-3-2018 and withdrawal on 19-3-2018, see the attachment*

But here is the catch, I’ve not even logged in my Zerodha a/c for last 3 months until today, let alone trade or invest in this said fund.

So, my question is, why did I get this letter? Did Zerodha just invest my money without my concent for one day? Or am I missing something?

Pls clarify

Hey Sasuke,

This article on their portal should answer your query. Don’t worry its not a genjutsu :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you my friend!

PS: Genjutsu is kind of my specialty, worried about sneaky attacks from Orochimaru :stuck_out_tongue:


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