Diff. between Zerodha and Bharosa Club

can you plz tell me the difference between zerodha and Bharosa Club accounts

If you figured out the difference between GOLGAPPA WALAS IPO and DMART IPO, you already know the answer.

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No need to just bad mouth someone without even knowing them, dear.
@Rahulawari21 Zerodha is a broker. Plain and Simple.
Bharosa are advisors.
I don’t know them. But their team seems to be credible.

“Anita Bhargava
Co-Founder & Director
Anita Bhargava lead Paypal’s Data Warehousing group until 2004, when she returned to India and decided to clean up Delhi. She then mobilised over 50,000 residents for 125 cleanups across Delhi under the banner of 'Let’s Do It! Delhi.”

I hope the OP wanted to know the difference between Zerodha Coin and Bharosa Advisor. For that the OP can follow this link :- https://www.bharosaclub.com/compare.html