Difference between Equity Futures and F&O(Futures & Options) . What is NRML Margin in Equity futures


I am new to trading and I am having a tough time understanding the Futures, options, equity futures. However I started intraday trading and I am good with it.
What is a cash market and derivative market.

Somebody please help

You are treading in very risky waters!
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in equity cash if you buy 100 qty of 100 rs, you’ll have to pay 100 * 100 = 10000
but in futures there you have to buy or sell entire lot, it’s quantity is set by exchange
let say i lot of 100 qty of 100 rs, you have to pay
100 * 100 = 10000 / (5 or 10 or any digit set by exchange different for every scrip)
exchange provide this leverage to increase participation in derivative market, to be true, brokers and exchanges earn their income mainly from derivative (f&o) segment

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