Difference between Kite2 & Kite3 Chart Prioce for Same Stock

Both images are belong to Coal India MarFUT price and both charts are loaded with the same indicators though old Kite version does not show any breakout while Kite3 version shows MA breakouts. Means old Kite and new Kite3 showing different prices in MA.

This is not happening in this stock but also in many other stocks I went through.

Can you guys have a look on this and reply ASAP?

Thank you.

@nithin @NithinKamath @shiv pls explain the discrepancy

I just went through kite and kite3 with coal india fut, I could not able to find any difference now, also as you said you noticed difference on few other stocks can you please send those details to me at [email protected], I could get this checked. Can you also check now.

The problem lies with SMMA (Welles Wilder Moving Average) line which is showing different price for any stock in Kite2 & Kite3. Additionally, if you pop out the chart out of kite & refresh it then it will start showing correct price. But within kite SMMA shows wrong prices comparing Kite2 & Kite3.

Will reach you on this to get more info.