Difference between linear weighted and exponential moving average

what is the difference between linear weighted and exponential moving average?

If we have to put this moving average on other indicators like RSI and ATR which one is better?


Thanks Raja…very nice article…I understood the meaning of all three moving averages…but my question is still unanswered that which indicator will best suit on RSI and stochastic- WMA or EMA.
In that article also it was mentioned that this is for there further studies-
Two ideas for further study come immediately to mind based on our observations:
Combining averages of different types – Typically, methods using multiple moving averages will use the same type of average formula (SMA, WMA, or EMA) of different lengths. Is there value in combining averages of different types, as well as lengths?
Adding filters to the faster averages – Traders who favor weighted or exponential averages usually do so because of their greater sensitivity. Yet this may lead to a large number of trades and possibly false signals. Can these averages be combined with trade filters to reduce the number of bad trades while keeping the faster signal speed of WMA and EMA?

Trade price action only, use indicator for confirmation