Difference between period of indicator and charts range for 15min, 1day,1week,1 month

Hi All,

i’m little bit confused as how to apply the logic of period (Supertrend, SMA,RSI ) in the indicator with the time range of the charts
Like if I want to take and hold the share for 1 week, then how do I need to modify(i meant like what values) the period of the SMA and the time range of the charts(it is the drop down button where we change 15 min/1D/1W/1Mo).

In the above example do I need to change the period of for 7 days for the indicator and change the chart time for 1W or I have to modify in such a manner in which I can see whether the price is going UP or down and if that is the case what is the general rule of thumb and how to overlap the period of the indicator with the time range of the charts.


I am not sure whether I totally understand the question, but based on what I understood I will try to Answer.

For example, if you have an indicator 20 SMA - it means 20 period SMA.
If your chart timeframe is Daily, the indicator will be plotted based on Simple moving averages of 20 daily bars ( closing price).

If your chart timeframe is changed to 15 minutes, the indicator will be plotted considering 20 bars of 15 minutes. When you change the timeframe, you need not modify the values of the indicator.

Hope this was the answer you wanted ?

Thanks for the reply @Anikethan

So SMA 20 does not mean 20 days SMA, it means the 20 bars of on that specific chart time frame (that timeframe can be 15M/1H/1W/1M, the SMA 20 will change accordingly
if timeframe is 1 month then SMA 20 means last 20 bars which means last 20 months??