Difference between Realized & Net Realized Profit? Intraday Bracket Order


I’m new to the forums and need your help. Today I used intraday bracket order and my total P&L on the Kite app shows Rs. 903.15 profit. However, when I went and checked Console (Reports < P&L), one column is showing the Net realized P&L as Rs. 903.15. However on top, the horizontal band is showing Rs. 383.9 as my Net realized P&L and the charges are showing Rs. 519.25.

And then in zerodha brokerage calculator it is showing Rs. 524.09

PLEASE HELP ME. How Do I know how much profit I actually made?? These all surprise charges are eating my profits or is it incorrect? Help! I want to know my P&L after all charges.

Hey, It would be hard to deduce the charges without knowing details of the trade. From the numbers you’ve quoted, 903.15 appears to be the profits you’ve made without considering any charges. You’ve incurred a cost of Rs.383.9 for your trades after which you are left with a net profit of Rs.519.25 (903.15-383.9).

The brokerage calculator doesn’t include Stamp charges since Stamp charges aren’t fixed and are dependent on the State that the client resides in. Please calculate Stamp charges separately and deduct it from 524.09, you should get the net value as 519.25, the profit shown on Console.

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