Difference in Expense Ratio of Mf in latest Fact sheet And Coin Website

I have downloaded the fact sheet of ADITYA BIRLA SUN Life Mf of SEPTEMBER 2017 in which there is difference between the expense ratio in Fact sheet and Coin Website.
Ex- The Expense Ratio of ADITYA BIRLA SUN Life floating rate fund- Long term fund according to latest September fact sheet is 0.11
But the coin website is Showing 0.06.
I have uploaded the screenshot of both .
Plz tell the actual expenses ratio of various funds which are showing old Expense Ratio…
Plz tell which Expense Ratio is correct???

The data which is shown on Coin is from a data vendor. What is shown on the AMC website should be the updated correct one. We will check with our vendor. @faisr, can you.

Hi Abhilash,

As Nithin mentioned, the expense ratio as per the factsheet is correct. The expense ratio changed from 0.06% to 0.11% in the month of August but COIN is still showing the previous expense ratio as our data vendor have not updated the same till now. It will be rectified tomorrow by the end of the day. You can verify the same on 14th after 10 am.

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Thanks for your instant replies by both of you :smiley:. As I am going to put a small part of money in mf via coin so just scouting for mf as per my risk appetite.
As I see this small point so I put some light on it :wink:

even i saw this discrepancy couple of times… for kotak mutual fund…
Yeah please tell your data vender to update it regularly else it will look like a regular fund insted

@nithin, @faisr
Plz tell me the minimum amount invest In edelweiss large cap advantage fund as coin says 5k and factsheet says 1k.
Screenshot given below…


This shall be corrected too. Please check the same tomorrow morning after 10 am.

Its fixed now. Please check.

Thanks, But PLZ Take care of it as there are many modification are being left despite half of month after release of factsheet.your team is unable to make changes in coin website…
Hope I don’t need to put such type of post next time…


As we had mentioned earlier, we have to rely on external data vendors for such data. We try our best to spot the issue and fix them. Also, these are rare cases and unfortunately or coincidenatally you found these errors in schemes of your interest :slight_smile:

can you please explain me the difference between the expense ratio. Both the funds are same.

Sir i just wanted to know that expense ratio will be deducted as per Amc ratio or as per coin ratio. If there is some issue at our end so please update because i have to invest in this and its been more than 1 month that i sent the mail regarding the same but didnt get any reply.

Hi , I think It will Be as Per the AMC website

What you are seeing on the AMC is the regular plan and what you see on the Coin site is the direct plan. Check out the difference in expense ratios

By investing through coin you save on the difference in commissions for as long as you are invested.

Coin is just the execution platform. Expense ratios are decided by the respective AMCs.

Bro have you checked my question I was asking for direct scheme.

I have a similar issue where the expense ration is different in coin and in fact sheet. This is with respect to Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund - Direct Growth. In coin, it is mentioned as .35% where as it is mentioned as 0.29% in the latest fact sheet.

Please check the same on why there is a difference.

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Download April 2021 factsheet. It shows TER of 0.35%