Different charts on kite3 - multi view charts

Hello @nithin,

Still, charts on kite3 platform are buggy, especially multi-view charts. I understand kite3 platform is new and these issues are expected out of it in the beginning, But its been quite a long time, we are continuously facing this kind of issues. Even more frustrating thing is, I have reported this same issue multiple times and I saw a lot of people reporting the same and no action been taken to fix such basic (inconsistent charts) issues.

For better understanding, please look at the below charts and observe AUTOPHARMA chart on normal view and multi view. You can notice that there is an inconsistency of around 6 points after market opens.

We appreciate your efforts of bringing lot many features on to the platform in each release. Please prioritize and fix this inconsistent charts issue.

Thank you!!


Suggest you to go through this

My answer applies to this question of yours as well. Whenever you load a new chart (including when initiating multiview), the data in the chart is sent by our server. The chart you originally loaded is formed by streaming data that was received by your machine. There could be data points that get missed out on your stream because of internet and other connectivity drops. Sometimes there could be so many more ticks our server in data center can capture than what we are able to even stream over internet.

Thanks for quick reply @nithin. Understood the issue here.

This is happening in spite of me having a proper broadband connection. May I ask what would you suggest for a trader like me, who relays on looking at multi-charts and taking buy/sell calls on the single chart window. I care most about OHLC of 1min candles. Do I need to refresh chart for every minute so that I get proper data from your data server accurately?

hmm… there is nothing you can do, it is a technological limitation. As and when the infra (our connectivity to exchanges and to you) improves in the country, they will get fixed. Btw, I think if you are relying on candle patterns, doing it on 1 min is not a smart thing to do. Atleast 5 min candle to start with.

All right @nithin. Hope the day comes soon.

Keep doing awesome stuff.