Different closing price on 5 min and 1 day charts

different closing price on 5 min and 1 day charts. How is that possible?

on 1 day chart, close is at 10901

and here’s 5 min chart
closing price is 10930

The closing price you are seeing on 5 minutes chart is LTP at 3:30 pm, and on Daily chart closing price is Weighted Average Price of last 30 minutes.

Does this happen only with Indexes? and which one should we consider? I saw many news articles consider the Day one

This happens with stocks as well.

On the Intraday chart, you are going to see LTP as closing price not weighted average closing price, so it’s easier to mark LTP as a reference point for your analysis, usually there isn’t much difference between the two.

Got it. I’m learning things. Thanks @ShubhS9