Different Renko results due to charting difference

I see different results for Renko using ATR in TradingView and ChartIQ,

  1. Why is it so? Which one should I choose?
  2. How do I get wicks in Renko bricks?
  3. How do I get ATR trailing stops in Tradingview?
  4. I see that ATR trailing stop loss in Renko chart is different from candlesticks chart. Is it ATR trailing stop loss being estimated using Renko bars instead of candlesticks in case of Renko charts? How it is being done as there no high and low in Renko bars?

Please please help me.

Both use different charting libraries hence the difference.
Can check this for chartiq, on TV it won’t happen.

What do you mean by wicks?

Click as shown below and select to format.

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  1. So TradingView (TV) is better than ChartIQ for Renko charting?

  2. Please see for wicks:
    Wicks on Renko charts are now available – TradingView Blog

  3. Can you please elaborate a bit more how to do it? I tried but it does not appear.

Please also see the updated question. Thanking you for the response.

It’s upto user to try both and decide what suits them.

So, not available.

I need something like this in TV