Differnece between 'daily strategy cycle' and 'strategy cycle'

What is the difference between the ‘Daily strategy cycle’ in backtest and the ‘Strategy cycle’ in deployment mode?

Hi @Harshil_dave

‘Daily Strategy Cycle’ is a backtest parameter. It defines the number of trades (i.e. entry followed by its exit) you want the system to take on a single day. For example - If you have set the ‘Daily strategy cycle’ as 3, the system will only take a maximum of 3 trades in a day even if your conditions are being met more than 3 times for that day. If the ‘Daily strategy cycle’ is set as ‘-’, it will take entry whenever the conditions are being met, which means there will be no limit set for the number of entries in a day.

Whereas, Strategy cycle in the ‘deployment mode’ works a bit differently. If you have selected a ‘strategy cycle’ of more than 1, then after the exit from the first trade the strategy will automatically go into the waiting state and look for new entry triggers. After the number of ‘strategy cycles’ is completed the strategy will go into the stopped section.

Please refer to the following links to learn more about this

Hope this helps.

Ohh alright much clear now

oh this means if i want to try a strategy for a month i can now just use strategy live for option right. Nice feature