Difficulties in day trading


I do day trading precisely in cash market not in fno. Since the new margin rule has come it has become a bit difficult for me to stay profitable consistently, especially from end of May 2022. I mean sometimes I can’t even earn at Risk To Reward of 1:1.

So is it just me who is finding it difficult to day trade in cash market or others are also facing such issues? What are things that I can do to reduce my losses? Should I avoid day trading in cash market and shift to index option buying?

Care to explain your beliefs?

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I trade cash market. Yes @ronin_sha stated, it is our interest to know why you feel what you feel?

  1. Less volume as compred to good old days even in quality stocks, due to which orders don’t get fill competely.

  2. Too much volatility which fears me a lot. Many times it has happened that stock has reached near to my target and then bounced back sharply. I exited early in sjch trades considering possibility of reversal. And then further stock contineues its prior move.

  3. Movement of stocks in between same high and lows for 2-3 days. Definitely it is not sideways move. For example move of Dabur on today and yesterday.

This is what I do

Discretionary trading is stressful. Consider adopting a rules based systems trading approach.

This is the hardest part - controlling your emotions. It’s the psychological aspect which leads to the failure of a majority of traders.

i day trade stocks, and there is no issues about getting a fill. I mean we are not trying to get crazy fills, right. just retail fills.

So, how is your stock selection?

what is your time frame?

your trade exposure time?

your trading time?

your SL distance?

Dabur is not on my go to list of stocks. But there is nothing wrong with dabur on last 2 days, if my eyes see it.


for 340 days, DABUR has an average day trade volume of over 20 lakhs. I mean how qty are you trying to get filled? 1 lakh??


vs Dabur chart

there is lot of smooth movement in Dabur. If you say, Pfizer, i ld agree, it lacks volume. So, basically boils down to the fact that you aren’t looking harder.

I am not pushing you. I have been down that road of doubt. The feeling of pulling my hair out. The sense of everything I do, just doesn’t work.

That time, I wished someone could just point something. But trading is insane and a lonely affair.

It ll drive you crazy, son.


Most probably sector leading stocks.

5 min or 15 min

I prefer to wait till either target or sl most of the times.

Sometimes I jump in the trade as soon as market opens.

1% of stock value at max.

Are you sure when you were profitable and earning good R:R it wasn’t just because of the uptrending market but your skills ?
From how much time you are trading?


I soon jumped into Intraday trading as I entered in market say 3 -4 months into entry to the market.
As a retailer I didnt have big enough capital and these delivery and swing kind of trading was boring as I didn’t get much of a profit (charges itself swallowed 40% of my profit and if in loss its much worse)or If I got stuck in a stock I had to wait for weeks to get to my entry price.
My friend who introduced me into market didnt have knowledge about intraday or F&O. I myself explored about intraday and was doing much better infact I even earned 50% of my capital in 1 month as profit trading only 1 stock alone.

but there are always villan comes when everything goes well, in this case its SEBI, in the name of saving retailers they introduced margin rule. Leave about leverage, As I pumped in more capital. The man problem was volume and slippage. The stock which I was trading had an avg volume of 30 lakhs daily and movement was good enough like 2 to 4% on daily basis. but after margin rule everything changed. Volume reduced drastically and I had to search for some decent stocks with good volume. I did and found few had both profits and losses on equal rate.

2 problems I faced after margin rule is mostly the stocks trade flat and lot of manipulation including false patterns and stoploss hunting. even with price action was unable to predict the movement and made more losses than profits. Then i moved to stock futures for some time it didnt work well as it had less volume than the cash market.
slippage was big.

Then I finally decided to move to Index options which was ideal for day trading. Index options is not everyone’s cup of tea, you need to learn practice a lot before jumping into index else its suicide.

You can spend some time in leaning how index moves and what all the factors that are associated with index movement. still its difficult than stock intraday. somehow I adopted and felt better than stocks.

If you still wanna trade stocks intraday means you should focus on index heavyweights like Reliance ICICI Infy kotak etc which has decent movement and good volume on daily basis.

You can trade well enough in cash market.

Cash market moves, that’s why index is reaching heights. I don’t understand how much volume retail traders need. We have our teeny qty’s to click through. Does it really matter?

Slippages? Use limit if you want what you want. But MKT orders are fine, you just have to accept, there will be some slippages. And you ll work your way round. You ll never get a perfect everything?.

You would never be wrong if you stick to fno stocks, barring a few with lower volumes like Atul,mrf,honaut etc. Currently there are 195 fno stocks with nbcc being dropped recently. Come on, do the work, don’t be lazy. And skip low price band stocks.

Now, filtering out you ll have more than 180 stocks to play around. And boy, you need only 2-3. Remember we are humans.

It all comes down to the nature of the play. If you are not use to even seeing the 2 minute chart, you ll have less chances as an intraday player, well, imho. I see the 1 min chart. But I don’t necessarily scalp.

1+1=2 1+1+1=3 1+1+1+1=4

1 min is noise, if you fail to see the story building up. You can’t create a new story. You can go along the story. It’s a color game. A green and a red.

At most you need 1 good trade, or 3 chances per day. Not whole day, a specific point of time. I mean if you are going to sit whole day, better make big amount of money. Why exposed your trades to the uncertainty? Do you think your 930 am trade will paint some good profit at 3 pm?

There is a better chance of knowing what will happen 5 mins from now. Then 6 hours later.

But saying so, I have seen lots, which cannot just be typed. Well, I didn’t had a wife when I started trading. Now, I dropped my kid to school in the morning.

Cash market will work and will continue to work. Maybe the day it stopped working will be the day civilization ends.

Well, I don’t know options. I talk what I know. If you want options, let the people who make a living trading options talk here.

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But this will answer most of your @J_Mandar doubts?

I trade only cash. So, these are gold nuggets.

Nice trailer.