Review , anybody tried them?

Received an advertisement email from regarding their new software.

Has anybody subscribed to their 12,000 Rupee package.

With programmers and Support Team in 3 major cities, the only thing they managed to get it right on their website are the subscription charges.

Have you tried their software ? Will you trust a company that cannot even spell the word Stocks Correctly ?

why to pay 12 k when there is service offerings at ₹200 only

They are fraud. Stay away.

Digitalnifty is not listed in the NSE authorised list. But on their site , they mention they are authorized. Who are they fooling?

NSE Dotex will soon send them a legal notice.

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But they accept only WHAT’S UP communication


Its Whatsapp dude

So, what if it’s whatapps?.

For legal cases, goddaddy domain registrar will give owners detail.


What do you mean so?

what are you trying to say. please be clear.

its there dude

Yes, I am using now… they provide Semi auto trade support for Zerodha accounts… the software working based on Price Action. Performance wise , acceptable compare then Technical methods . But the design is good