Direct fund and Regular fund

Why is Direct mutual funds NAV is higher than regular mutual funds NAV.

For : Kotak Select focus fund Regular - Growth = 30.5
Wheres as Kotak Select focus fund Direct - Growth = 31.3

Why there is a difference in NAV, which is better ??

Direct is always better because you save on management fees. You can read more from below link.

Direct is better compare to regular in terms of long term NAV unit returns.

But there is conspiracy in this?

(1) why TER of Direct fund is more than Regular fund ? for the same scheme

(2) why regular fund is available for pledging but the same scheme in direct fund not available for pledging?

(3) can regular funds be stored in demat ?


Not possible, which fund?

The list is created by the clearing corporations and they seem to have done a terrible job of this.

Yes, if your platform/broker offers MFs in demat.