Direct plans in mutual funds

whats the difference between coin by zerodha and other mutual fund providers(eg: sbi mf)?..they also provide direct plans …do other mutual fund providers charge commission for purchasing direct funds? plz enlighten me sir…

Coin of Zerodha is a platform where u can buy direct mf units of different AMC s via single login. These units are kept in ur demat which is said to be the safest mode.

Do i get any benefit out of direct MF for low investment. i am planning for 2k SIP MF ELSS for 3 years. Will direct MF add any value for low investment like 2K?

@mahesh Read this and am sure you would be able to calculate for any fund. Hope it helps.

Thanks. From above article we can say that for 3 years with 2k per month SIP we need to stick to Regular MF. if lock in period is more or investment higher we can invest in direct MF

Direct MF returns will always be more than regular even if it is for 2k per month for 3 years.
Yes, the difference might be little but it is present.

In the long run the differences becomes significantly higher due to compounding.