Direct retail ownership of BSE 500 Stocks at record low

BSE 500 represents nearly 93% of total market capitalisation of BSE. Wonder why retail participation is continuously going down in mid and small caps especially and this trend is going on from last many years.

I wonder what does “Direct retail ownership of BSE500” mean here?

  • individual investors who own all the 500 stocks in BSE500?
  • individual investors who own any of the 500 stocks in BSE500?
  • something else?


  • retail investors are interested in more specialized Indices?
  • Institutional (non-retail) investors have consistently increased investments in BSE500 over the years?

( to try and make proper sense of the data, can you share any links to the source document of this graph? )

This was from a credit Suisse estimate report. I only got forward. Will try to look for the main report.

Most likely the case.

One more reason could be the low returns generated by small caps on an avg in last 13-14 years. We’ve had way too many time and price corrections.

for some reason this is very counter intuitive. retail particiapation has been the highest. back in jun-2005, hardly anyone invested with low capital since the cost to enter was pretty high. now days SIPs are hitting record highs and you can invest in the click of a button. probably will hold my judgement till we see what the actual definition is.