Directionless market strategy - Pls help

Is there any good tested directionless trading strategy ( trading options or combination of futures and options) for Nifty, Banknifty or stocks that will give returns anyway the market or stock moves ?

Its not backtested. It is forward tested in real account.
Lately, bomb dropped when BN went up. You can see how bomb is diffused.

Current open positions - 30500 CE short. PE leg didn’t satisfied conditions.

Even in sideways market , there are always hints being given on which it will eventually go …

A sideways market is often corrective wave in higher TF.

Once u understand that it’s easy to know what to do

I personally do only futures , but there are options strategies for people less versed in technicals or having a gambling mindset

Thanks Sir… What do you mean by TF ?
Also Can you pls explain with a example if possible ?