Disclosed quanity and TBQ TSQ

While doing trade in the cash equity ; i always look at the numbers of The TBQ and the TSQ .
We all know that in the cash equity , people trade with the disclosed quantity feature .
My question is :
The figures of the TBQ and the TSQ what we see on the trading terminal platform ;;; does it also count and consider the disclosed quantity ? OR
The disclosed quantity is also hidden and not shown/added/clubbed in the figure of the TBQ/TSQ ?

Awaiting for the reply…

No, disclosed quantity is not added into that, also that is not at all a right metric to consider to place a trade. Algos also play with that field to entice traders.

Request pls kindly clear below ambiguity :

If i place the best top buy bid of 200 quantity with 10% disclosed .
In the snap quote dialoge box my quanity would be seen as 20 to all the traders across the india world .
But TBQ quanity would be shown to all as adding the entire 200 quantity or 20 quantity ?

Awaiting for the reply

It it will show by adding 20 only.

you mean to say : just like the snap quote dialogue hides the disclosed quantity ;;; the TBQ also hides it !
am I right ?


humble request :
if could u pls re-confirm your answer with the nse / sebi .
because : one of my friends working in the exchange told that :
the disclosed quantity is sure do hidden on the snap quote dialogue BUT the TBQ / TSQ count and show the full quantity !
awaiting for the reply …

I have placed order, verified and replied you.