Discontinuation of pooling for mutual funds and how it affects Coin

Got it, please notify once this is fixed.

Hi Neelesh, Any update on fix for AMC SIP greater than 1L?

Not yet, we are working on this and will give an update shortly on this.

Any update on making SIP payments directly via the secondary bank account?

You can create a mandate for your SIP or a NEFT / RTGS payment from your secondary bank account.

That I’m aware. When will it be possible to make payments via the secondary bank account using UPI?

This is expected to be live soon; the only hurdle is that currently, no real-time modification of the bank account can be done on the exchange. BSE StAR MF is working on providing us with these APIs, and once we have these APIs, we will be able to allow the same on Coin as well.

Neelesh or Coin Team,

For eMandate SIPs, everytime funds get deducted from my account on morning 10:15 am but then I get below message and order gets executed the following day and not on the same day. Why? Why you have to use such a unreliable vendor? And they put false blame on the bank. I know that money gets deducted every morning 10:15 am as I get the debit notification.

"Owing to an unexpected delay from your bank to report the funds to NPCI, the funds debited for the Mutual Fund SIPs, on February 12th 2024 were reported to BSE StarMF (our backend order routing partner) after the cut-off time.

These transactions will be processed as per the NAV of February 13th 2024. The units will be allotted by February 14th 2024."

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@Mub, the debit instruction is created two days prior to the debit date from our end for an eNach; this instruction then goes to our mandate backend, then to the bank, and from the bank to NPCI to your Bank on the T day, the amount gets debited from your bank account in the morning. This is how it works across the industry. The request goes from NPCI to your Bank. The response from your bank has been delayed in responding to NPCI thus the transaction gets reported after the cutoff time on the T day.

This has been an issue across the industry hence we are trying to switch to UPI Autopay ASAP, this will reduce such issues. You can DM me your client ID and will further check your details.

Neelesh, What you mentioned is correct and it is not an issue with coin but an Industry problem. But we need to find alternative reliable option and looks like UPI autopay will solve this. Hoping to get this implemented sooner.

Btw, I hope you are still working on AMC SIP >1 Lakh issue.


Yes, we are working on this, shall be live soon with the coin changes we are working on.

With UPI Autopay, will we be restricted to do a cumulative SIP value of 1 Lakh or less in a single day? UPI limit for a single day is 1 Lakh isn’t it?

Hello @Neelesh @Bhuvan

Is there something seriously wrong with the payment chain for MF?

Sorry for tagging senior folks in Zerodha…I recommended someone to open an account in Zerodha and use coin as a single shop answer for buying Mutual funds

In this case, while trying to complete payment on coin
24th dec 40,000/- payment failed
7th feb 89,000/- payment failed
17feb 91,000/- payment failed

I mean what is going on?

The person in question here just completed his education in the last academic year and is trying to learn the ropes in investment. I mean what kind of experience is he getting? His friends never reported Payment failure in jungleerummy or similar sites. :frowning:

  1. From the bank other transactions are not failing, so would discount bank side. Is payment gateway issue here or BSE star MF?

Tickets raised for couple of cases #20231221384829
if you can check it? Sample screenshot attached at the end of post.

  1. If there is shutdown or some maintenance (upgrade etc) is ongoing can’t i these folks intimate it to Zerodha, and so that coin can simply disable payment saying payment service down or server down something like that

  2. . Any suggestions from zerodha team to avoid such failures…?

Hi, Sorry about this. Having this checked.

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The transactions failed due to payment gateway error in which there was a delay in response from your bank. Someone from the team will reach out to you and explain the issue in detail.

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Thank you … Once I get details, Would advise account holder to change the bank, as it is happening every now and then.

I couldn’t find the post by either @Meher_Smaran or @Neelesh where one of you guys talked about this feature where now we could see all of the buy units on NAVs on the said date on the NAV graph on coin.
I have something to add currently when we sell some units the the units that got sold just disappeared from the NAV Chart and there was no Sell Bubble as there it is for Buy Values.
This needs to be fixed/improved for a better understanding of Buy AND Sell values on the graph itself.

Yep, this is on our to-do list for the enhancements we are making :slight_smile:

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Would love to use UPI autopay. Mandates are a biggg mess and I don’t trust the 1 lakh mandate since my SIPs are of a much lesser value. Just needs 1 bug to withdraw 1 lakh from account.

As I understand, the UPI autopay mandate will be exactly for the SIP amount?

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Again, SIP orders not getting triggered