Discontinuation of pooling for mutual funds and how it affects Coin

Is eNACH mandate different from e-mandate? The screenshot you posted is mentioning e-mandate too.

The circular I linked here mentions e-mandate. It mentions the non-AFA limit a 1L.

It does not mention it being applicable to UPI only, and mentions all kinds of mandates.

Thanks for patiently answering my queries.

The easiest way to understand this, at least for me is to forget all the names and think about how you are authenticating the mandate.

  1. If you authenticate with UPI - Max limit is 1 lakhs right now for designated use cases (including mutual funds). If the amount is higher, for each mandate pull, UPI pin has to be entered - i.e. AFA.
  2. If you authenticate with Netbanking/DebitCards - Max limit is 1 crore. No AFA.


I am asking how is Zerodha bypassing the last circular I mentioned, and whether it is applicable to Zerodha or not.

Any date on when I can setup UPI mandate? I am not comfortable with the 1 crore mandate as of now, so asking so many questions

And based on my experience, I have not received any email/SMS before mandate debit from ICCL or Zerodha. It was always after

We are close to making UPI mandates available - the one where the limit is Rs. 1 lakh. Currently, only eNACH is available with us. The circular you shared does not apply to eNACH.

Thank you

Mutual fund houses are coming out with UPI auto-pay. Still waiting for coin :sob:

I would rather take the Mandate route once you configure its very seamless. UPI Autopay will contribute to the UPI Daily limit… Small hassle

Oh f, did not know that.

I am a bit concerned about high mandate amounts such as 1 crore, only reason for hesitation.

Hi Neelesh, Any update on support for AMC SIPs greater than 1L?


@Bhuvan @Neelesh

I have scheduled 4 SIPs for 5th of every month. Usually they get executed 2 days prior to the SIP date (with mandate payment happening on the SIP date). But for the current month, as I can see currently, only 2 of then got executed so far and the rest have not been executed. Created a ticket #20240604286410.

I’m worried 2 of the SIPs will be missed to be executed. I’m putting a lot of trust in Coin’s ability to have my investments on auto-pilot and these behaviors worry me.

Checking this.

I use Zerodha mostly for mutual funds (Coin), and now since the payments for funds are deducted directly from bank account, not through Zerodha funds. To cover the AMC charges, I try to maintain a balance in my Zerodha funds, but this amount is transferred back to my bank account during the quarterly settlement. The billing cycle for AMC charges is confusing, as I receive no notification when a payment is due. However, if the payment is delayed, I incur penalty charges. Is there any way to avoid this issue?

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They had told they would introduce pre payment of AMC but I don’t think it’s here yet

We’re working on the pre-payment mechanism.