Discount brokers in India

Just want to know your thoughts about who all are discount brokers (apart from Zerodha) in India and your opinion on the same. Thanks!

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Which is the cheapest lowest brokerage firm offering maximum intraday margin leverage in india for the nifty options trading ?

Cheapest broker is there, maximum leverage broker is there, but one broker offering these two is impossible if I’m not wrong.

Finvasia for cheapest (Rs. 0 per order), Angel Broking the maximum leverage (20/order with margin interest).

How about this that you can start with Angel, use margin trades with them, and add profits to Finvasia and enjoy free brokerage. That’s one thing I can think of.

Why do you want margins? Just use options, which are inherently more leveraged than whatever any broker will ever offer in Equity.

Finvasia is absolutely 0 for options as well. That’s the best combination IMO. But in recent days, Finvasia customer care has degraded a bit…

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Is there any broker who charge brokerage only if the client make profit ?

stoxkart offers this


I was just googling about discount brokerage in India and I read a lot about upcoming services like paytm,groww,sharekhan.I wonder what can they offer that isn’t already available. I mean there’s brokers taking no money from you like finvasia. There are brokers willing to provide you unlimited trading for a fixed fee like trade plus and sasonline. There are brokers with a really nice trading platform like zerodha, upstox, fyers etc. There are brokers providing free api like aliceblue. There are brokers providing direct investment in mutual funds. There are brokers who only charge you when you make a profit like stoxkart. What else is left. Like what are we really missing. Most of these discount brokers aren’t even making a lot of money. At least they are not open about their financial condition. Why would anyone enter such a competitive environment.


Using from last 60 days…


Here’s a full list of discount stock market brokers .
you can check in this link

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There are so many discount brokers these days but the ones I trust are: finvasia, zerodha, upstox and dhan. These are quite popular among traders for their services.

Sir most brokers earn 10 15 percent of their revenue from margin money you keep with them be it for 1 month settlement or quarterly one,they give fd as collateral to CC to earn from them,this is said by owner of zerodha it self.
Current scenario became more favorable for them as now clients must keep 50 margin in cash(gets converted in fd to give to cc) 50 percent in collateral on which they also have haircut of 10 15 percent

Now to push volume they are giving API access for free but you need to trade atleast 15 20 times for it to be free or pay 300 per month for api access

Understand the chronology if you guys are intrested will also post link of money control website article brokers and cc earn intrest from margin money so dont want exposure margin to be removed from hedged option trade in the name saying what if they close hedged leg first (it was k for them to give 40× n 50× margin for intraday trade n were comfortable to block or close the position if there was negative margin) There are double standards
And for further proof check the composition RMRC committe most of the members are of clearing corporations
Various Sebi reports told to remove exposure margin including one from EY (the big four auditing firm)