Discrepancy in F&O margin

I have noticed discrepancy in my ledger statement and opening margin. ledger statement shows positive balance. however, the next day morning margin available is in the negative. please explain why this discrepancy. i am unnecessary facing margin call and auto square of my open positions.

@ShubhS9 ; kindly address this query to the earliest, we need consistency in margin reporting. such random changes to opening margin is detrimental for our trading strategies.

This was due to the latest change in the margin penalty calculation based on the beginning of the day span from the exchange. You can check more about this change in this link.

For example Monday you are creating a fresh position and it was carried forward. End of the day In the ledger margin will be blocked based on Monday’s beginning of the day span file.
Tuesday morning in the terminal (front end) margin will be blocked based on Tuesday’s beginning of the day span file. So only you are seeing the difference in the ledger and terminal.

how do we then know next day trading margin because it is not the same as shown in the ledger. there is lack of transparency; how do we plan our trades?

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What about Margin debit in case of expiry trades. On expiry day, open positions gets settled at 0 value if they are OTM. Now will ledger have debit for these cases too

To counter the issue of BOD margin being higher than EOD, thereby possibly allowing the client to withdraw excess funds, we will be charging higher of the two margins.

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Same criteria of higher of two (BOD vs EOD) margins applies but there won’t be any margin block in case if you had positions which are expired. Since there is no margins blocked for expired one, free settled funds are available for withdrawal.