Discrepancy in Tax P&L for FY 23-24

To analyse how my trading system works, I had taken all M2M daily settlement for FY23-24. Now when I sum it, the total profit appears to be different as compared to profit in Tax P&L of the same FY. This should match I feel. Where am I wrong or is there something which is hidden ?

Hi @abhay1729

Total net profit should be the sum of realized profits & losses and not daily MTM as daily MTM is not the final gain/loss number that matters

Can you once check by calculating and checking if both figures are matching?

But since daily M2M settle is daily p&l why should it not match? I mean I do only Futures trading. It should match I feel. I have difference of 5L. I doubt why

Please reply

Hi @abhay1729

Sorry, I missed responding here.

I can only think of two variables that may cause deviation between some of daily MTMs and overall profit - 1. Taking into consideration the charges and 2. Treatment and carrying forward MTM positions to the next quarter/FY

I’m sure you would have considered the above points. In that case, Can you please create a ticket at support.zerodha.com ? Our team will get back to you with complete details.