Discrepancy of LTP in positions tab(Q and kite)

Hi @BharatW @nithin @NithinKamath
I see there is a difference in LTP shown in positions tab in kite and LTP shown in Open positions in Q.Why is there a difference like this?

In Kite:

In Q:


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Q takes the settlement price declared by the exchange at the end of the day. Find below a snapshot from bhavcopy for 10400 october calls.

Kite shows LTP as what was the actual recorded LTP on the trading platform.

These two numbers can be slightly different as not all ticks that happen on the exchange platform can get captured on the trading platform. Explained here, but in another context.


Thanks for the reply @nithin .So that means the LTP shown in Q is the correct one?

Yeah Q is the exact one.

One technique to know settlement price for options in kite, in chart select 1 hour and see closing price after 4p.m

If you are look at it the next day, change the chart to daily chart. Candle closing is synced with NSE EOD OHLC. So it will show what Q shows.