Dividend Eligibility

Recently I bought 16 shares of Pfizer on 5th May CNC and sold them on 6th May CNC (the Ex-dividend date). But I have not received the dividend yet (and apparently the payment date was 19th May). Are there cases where I buy a cum dividend share before the ex-dividend and still my name would not come up in the company’s record of shareholders as of the record date (in this case the record date was 8th May) and hence would not be eligible for dividend? If yes, can you please explain those circumstances in detail. If no, what can I do claim my dividend? Regards.

You will be eligible for dividend benefit (all corporate actions) if you sell the shares on ex-date. Check this: https://support.zerodha.com/category/trading-and-markets/corporate-actions/articles/sell-stock-on-ex-date

@siva I am looking to buy Balmer Lawrie for dividend of Rs. 7.50 per share

Will I get the dividend if I buy the share’s today and sell them tomorrow on the ex-dividend date? Record date is mentioned as BC 19/09/2020-25/09/2020, will there be any problem?

If you Buy before Ex-date and Sell on Ex-date, you are eligible to receive dividends.

Is is true in all cases? In some shares the record date is one day after the ex-dividend date and in some share two dates later, does it change the eligibility while receiving the dividend if I sell the shares on ex-dividend day in any way?

If you are selling your stock on or after the ex-date, it makes you eligible to receive dividends.

Ok thanks.