Dividend in bank Account

Zerodha Shows following Dividend has been issued but I havent received in bank account. Any body has these shares and received devidend in bank acoount?

  1. PFC - 4.5 Rs / share, ex date : 16-06-2023
  2. IOC - 3 Rs / Share, Ex date : 28-07-2023
  3. REC - 4.35 Rs/ share, Ex date 14-07-2023

Or Typical how many days it takes to credits to bank account after Ex-date.

These are all final dividends; they will be paid out only after they are approved by the AGM.

Check the AGM dates; they very likely haven’t happened so far.


he is providing ex dates too, if I am not wrong that means its approved and stock started trading without dividend from ex-date. Although it takes time like 10-15 working dates.

@Bharathr27 - Ideally you should have received atleast the PFC dividends. chances are you have but missed in the statement.

Hi @Bharathr27

The dividend payment date is generally 30 to 45 days after the record date. If you are eligible for dividends and have not received them even after the dividend payment date, you will need to contact the RTA of the company. Explained here.

REC Ltd.'s ex-date is August 14, 2023.

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This is latest one. previous ex- devidend date is 14-07-2023. Previous itself i havenot received.

How to check when was the devidend payment date ?

I have gone through this, but since 3 different company dividend is not received, I got doubt.

thanks for your reply. !!

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I cross Check 6 months bank statement line by line. Not yet received.

usually, with my knowledge, Ex-date will be decided after Board meeting approval right ?

because If not then After announcing ex-date if board didn’t approve dividend proposal what will happen to that ex-date ?

See this Link https://archives.nseindia.com/corporate/PFC_27052023175251_FR20222023.pdf

It seems the have approved in this board meeting.

You should wait till 11th August, thereafter within 30 days you will receive the dividends.

@Bharathr27 it seems you are confused between ex-date and payout date. Ex-date only determines who is eligible for dividend. It is not directly related to when payout will happen.
For interim dividend, payout is made in 30-45 days of announcing it. But final dividend requires approval of AGM before paying out.

Yes, but that date only determines who is eligible for dividend. Not when payment will be made.

Board has already approved it. Wait is for AGM to approve it.
If AGM does not approve it, dividend will not be paid (but frankly that is a very very rare scenario)

Final dividend is declared and approved in board meeting, but it also needs approval of shareholders in AGM.
Read the board meeting notice carefully. Reproducing here for ready reference


It clearly states that final dividend will be paid within 30 days from the date of approval at AGM.
So Record date in 16th June, everyone holding share on that day will get dividend but dividend payment will happen only after it is approved in AGM and within 30 days of it.

For most PSUs, AGMs are held in late august early September. So dividend payment should be expected only after that.

Same is the case with remaining two PSUs you listed in original query.
Hope this helps

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Thank you !!

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I check payment dates here.

I also didn’t get REC -4.35 final dividend till the date. However 2 interim dividend of 3.25 has been credited. Where to reach to resolve the issue?

You can contact the registrar of the company

You can find the contact details here
co-cs-equity-investor-services-cell-details-dt180423.pdf (354.6 KB)

Have attached the pdf of contact details

final dividend need AGM approval and REC has approved it at 4.35 per share on agm dated 06.09.2023 . as per rule it will be paid within 30 days .

Has anyone received the PFC final dividend ? AGM happened on Sept 12th.

After the AGM the dividend is paid out within 30 days.