Dividend not received

What can one possible do when dividend is not received into bank account? Zerodha support told me to contact the registrar which I did through email but they did not resolve the issue. So what’s the next step?

Which company?

When dividend declared ?

What is record date ?

Without this info your question can’t be answered

The company name is Indiabulls housing finance. A dividend of Rs 9/- per share with record date of 11th Feb, 2017 was declared on 20th January, 2017.

In the announcement they also mention that the dividend will be paid on or before February 18, 2017.

Did you receive any email about dividend?

Due to cash flows issues they may delay sometimes, do you have info whether you only not paid and others are paid ? If yes then you need to approach relevant authorities. If no you can wait for some more time

No, I did not receive any email about dividend. I know at least one other shareholder in this company who has already received his dividend.
I must mention here that my shares had been pledged with Zerodha during that period.


Pledging has nothing to do with this. Check If your bank a/c is correctly mapped with demat account you can verify That with NSDL / CDSL.

Also check directly in your demat account whether shares are showing in That. Pledged status also mentioned there.

Where exactly should I log in to see my bank a/c with demat account? I logged into CDSL>> CAS , but could not find anything there except my registered email id. I checked my q.zerodha profile the bank a/c given there is correct.

One more point:
I have received the dividend of this company and other companies before in my same account. Moreover, I manage another account of my mom with zerodha, she has also not received it.

You said you have received earlier, at that point of time whether share are pledged ?

Did you see shares in CDSL DEMAT ACCOUNT?


Dont worry, It’s common to receive late dividend if your shares are pledged. Tell Zerodha support to update your account. They will credit your dividend to your Zerodha Ledger, not in your bank account (which is the case if shares are not pledged)

It’s hard for me to remember whether my stocks were pledged at the time of previous dividend announcements, this company give dividend every quarter. it is likely that some quarter some qty of my shares were at pledged state.

I have never logged into CDSL, never needed actually.

Thanks anyway for your effort to help me.