Divis Lab - Historical Reason for Long Red candle!!


I was trying to enter in Divis Lab stock ( I am very new investor, a year old)
Saw Divis Lab historical chart… and found alarming BIG Red candle in Past Years… that too very sudden…

If any veteran could share reason for such big fall on this Stock after being in Nifty50. I am too curious !!


I don’t know why/how/when it falls. But just because a stock is a part of nifty 50 doesn’t mean it will be strong.

If you are talking about this crash, then its because of adverse observation report by US FDI, & these are common in pharma stocks.
similar falls like these are common in market, there are many stories in yesbank, indusindbk, rcom relcap… & so on.
The point is that you be aware like these fundamental news, So invest in good valued stocks & try to exit when it get overvalued.