Diwali Offers from Data Vendors

This is the Diwali Time friends, and we get discounts on everything during such festive season. Datafeed is a necessary part for all of us. Some use the Authorized Data Vendors, some use unauthorized, some use free sources, but we all need data for sure.

This thread is not for marketing or advertisement purpose. Instead it is for making all our trader friends aware about the DISCOUNTS that various Data Vendors are offering during this season. If some data vendor visits here and has some special offer for the community, then that could also be posted here. If there is any direct collaboration of zerodha with data vendors, just as traderjini has with TrueData guys, then please post such information here.

If you are aware of any attractive deal from any data vendor, then please share here, so that other trader friends can also try to get similar good deals. For example, getting Extra Symbols or getting Extended Historical Download Feature, or getting Additional Login ID, etc.

And if there is any possibility of GROUP BUY, like 4-5 zerodha members joining together to make a group and then buying together, to get even more attractive subscription costs, then that could be done as well.

Moderators, if you believe this thread is wrong for the community, please delete it.
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PS: Please do not post any illegal requests etc. in this thread. eg. trying to download the authorized data for free and so on.


I will begin with the offers from GFDL globaldatafeeds. They are offering Flat Discounts on all their subscription packs, as follows -

10% Discount on 12 Months Pack
5% Discount on 6 Months Pack
1 Month Extra Free if one makes the complete payment for the yearly package i.e. you will get 13 months instead of 12 months.

If you know of any better offers from them, then please let us know.

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Guys…amazon, flipkart etc have lot of diwali offers so better buy, enjoy life rather than losing your money in trading !!:grinning::rofl:

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Great to know the Information

Stock market is only place where you get discount for the things you already own LOL

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Diwali GIFT from the Stock Exchanges, Extra Time for Day-Trading Addicts.

ValveNet Technologies vbiz.in which is authrorized data vendor of NSE Dotex, is offering Android Mobiles winning opportunity, as shown in this snapshot -

They also have some Referral Program by the name of Crown, which gives you additional benefits, if someone subscribes through you.

ye lo…gaon basa nahi aur bhikaari pehle se jama ho gaye:rofl:

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