DMart - too good or build-up of hype?

I’m watching DMart since last few months and it has considerably grown.

While I find its fundamentals strong and the promoters good, I have a serious concern on its fast appreciation in the recent past. Can someone share their findings?

Also, can it seriously sustain the expectations?

PS: I’m a long term investor and have invested in this Stock at various price levels.


DMart is a very good fundamental can book profit partially when it is breaking the 52 weeks high and then add same quantity when it is available at lower price to your portfolio.

do not sell completely.But sell some quantities when nifty shows the signal of its reversal move.


For Long point of view Stock is fundamentally Strong.
Chart Showing Uptrend.
On 13 Oct 2017 as it Hit 52 week High It’s Obvious People will book some profit.
Delivery % 39.95 at present and Increased from Previous sessions.
Stock price came little bit down but not to worry it will continue rally.
If brought This stock at Lower Levels I would suggest you to book profit on 25% Of your holdings of this stock.

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Brother, please add more when ever stock correct.This stock has potentiality to hive mutifold returns in next 20 to 30 yeras.

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With Amazon, Ikea, Tesco, Wallmart knocking at the door and all notes getting digitalized , I doubt any Indian Run Brick and Mortar shops would survive after 2030.

It doesn’t mean that DMART can’t go digital and can’t innovate.

agree, d mart is big player and will sure change according to bussiness need …management very strong …bussiness spread all over

But I’m pretty sure that one will get an opportunity to enter in Dmart at lower level.

Brother, i was feeling one year ago that maruti is expensive …and still thinking … We assume the stocks expensiveness from our available capital money … We dont value business and quality…AGREE?

Yes! Very true. But some tough competition is gearing up for Avenue. Amazon could hurt them.
So, I won’t be entering at this price.