Do get profit after short selling holdings and again buying it at low price?

I have one query
Suppose I bought 1000 shares for 1 Rs of X company on holding basis. I sold it for 3 Rs with the profit 2000 Rs. And after selling the price went down to again at 1Rs and I bought it again for 1 Rs with same 1000 Quantity soo will I get 2000 Rs more in profit for short selling my shares and buying it back at low price. And getting total 4000 Rs in profit ???

Not 4000, when you sell at 3 and buy back the same day at 1, you will be making Rs. 2 * 1000, intraday profit.

When you buy back, shares will be back in your holdings on which your P&L will be 0 as you bought at 1 and CMP is 1 as well.