Do I have to pay tax if I am not withdrawing my profits to my bank account?

Suppose I make 1 lakh profit through short term (2 months holding of equity) and 2 lakhs through Futures trading the same day. So, my total capital gain is like 3 lakhs in 1 day( it s not 1 day. Its that I make the selling of stocks and trading the same day and get 3 lakhs in my account in a day). All this profit + capital is still in my zerodha trading account. I don’t wish to withdraw it to my bank account. I want to reinvest it further for my trading activities.

I am planning to withdraw the amount to my bank account only after 400 days from the date I have accumulated my 3 lakh profit.

In this case, do I have to pay tax for the 3 lakh gains I have made ? Or does it count as gains made over holdings over 1 year ?

In short and generally speaking…

1 lakh - attracts - STCG.
2 lakhs -Income from Futures - Business Income (You would need to submit ITR4)

Whether you take money out your trading account or not you need to pay tax as per you IT slab and file ITR4.

if you hold stocks for more than one year then you can claim tax exemption.