Do Telegram Singal groups work?

I have been a member of Telegram for a while now and I noticed that there are these signal groups there which are like of like pump groups. They have a VIP GROUP then a normal unpaid group.P. I day trade a little and notice that everyday coins get pumped by these groups and as we have no new money coming into crypto it is the same money being pumped and dumped in projects. Is anyone here a member of such signal groups and do you actually make a consistent living or gains from these types of practices? I am looking for a way to consistently make 30 usd a day for survival purposes through this bear market because I can no longer do this from normal day trading or bounties.

The main reason signal is so underrated because there are very less people uses signal otherwise for security reason and UI it is the best among all social chat services.

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do you use telegram signals ?

Made 22k from 20k, then 35k to 17k on their reco