Do we get leverage on stock options in zerodha MIS as BO & CO are blocked ..?


Does anyone is aware how much leverage do we get for stock options in MIS and how to calculate for this example with a fund of Rs 15k
Buy BHARTIARTL 510PE @ 13.45 Target 16 .




it is not showing anything , i might be wrong also please guide me as its my first trade in options


*Buying options require full premium and not margins. Hence premium values to buy options don’t show up in the above F&O margin calculator. Adding buying option positions might have margin benefits on futures and short option positions which will show up above.


okk so if i am not wrong Buy BHARTIARTL 510PE @ 13.45 Target 16 here i would have to pay Rs 22865 whole amount for 1 lot of 1700 … is it


Yes, Absolutely correct.


Can we edit / modify BO/CO stoploss or target after the order execution?


Yes, you can.


There’s no option to edit the target of BO in mobile browser.



This is on kite3 mobile browser, as we are concentrating on kite web this is delayed but definitely in coming week this will be addressed. One can use kite2 on mobile browser till then.


Is the new kite3 website going to be the main one from now on or is it going to replace the kite 2 website after coming out of beta?


It will replace current kite2 once it is out of beta.