Do we have availability for more than 20 prices in order book?

I know that we have 5 Order depth and and 20 Order depth available in Zerodha for free. But do we have any availability for more order depth than that.

If yes how much we have to pay for its subscription ?

Yes there should be a facility to see it in more depth. Or there should be option to see where majority of the orders are sitting as an alternative.

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After Level 3 (20 depth) data, the next data level provided by exchanges is Tick by Tick (TBT) data. The cost for the same can be found in the following NSE document (Page 4) -

In case you are interested to know more about TBT data, then I would suggest checking these threads -


Thanks Prayag. I have messaged you something interesting related to my post. Hope you made good use of that info. You might know this thing already.