Do we have short selling calculator available for Zerodha?


As we know we have brokerage calculator in Zerodha.

Do we have brokerage calculator available for Short Selling in Zerodha?


What do you mean by above ?



Try this


Use same calculator. First enter sell and then buy price.


@arun.sebastian and @S123 I have tried what you said but the results differ in reality.

Charges are not the same when you do short selling.


It means that is there any Calculator available for Short Selling in Zerodha
(Short Selling = First Sell and Then Buy)


Both are one and the same, can you give an example with charge differences if you sell first and buy next?


You have to do one normal trade and short selling trade and see the difference between brokerage rates you will be stunned.


As I know there is no difference in brokerages, if any I would correct but really appreciate if you can post results instead just saying about it.