Do we need CA compulsory for filing our tax returns?

If yes, are there any online facility where I can give documents and info. to CA’s and then they file a return on behalf of me.

How much they generally take to file a return on behalf of me?


No one line answer for this, if your returns doesn't require an audit, then no CA required. But if it does you need one. Check this module on taxation

Costs for ITR1 and ITR2 is around Rs 500 to Rs 1000. 

ITR4 and ITR 4S Rs 5000 to Rs 10000

ITR 4 with audit Rs 10000+


you can also check some online options like clearTax ,

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Hello Mr. DDK,

It is not necessary to do your Tax returns with the help of a Chartered Accountant. However the complex transactions you made in the whole year required a professional support. A Chartered Accountant can do it with much effort which is less than an effort required from you.

It is better to file with a CA or Tax practitioner.
Your next question is online availability of Chartered Accountants. It is based on the volume of transactions you have made in the whole year. If it is less in volume, it will be easy to handle and you can mail the required documents through gmail or else.
If you have huge transactions, still it is possible as if you can send through courier or email the following documents.

  1. Your whole year trade ledger.
  2. Equity Ledger from Q.Zerodha
  3. Bank Statements
  4. Holding Statement
  5. Proof of Income (if you have any other income like dividend, bank interest, salary, business income or rental income).

Your next question is fee for the said service.

Fee depends on the volume itself. If you have huge turnover the effort to be taken from the CA also being increased. So he may rise a bill accordingly.

Normally The fee will be Rs. 5000 /- for a normal trader and may be charged at higher rate of Rs.20000/- if you have a transaction history of more than 1000 trade per year.

Hope you got all points
Ahammed Faiz


There is not requirement of CA for filling of your income tax return, if it is not a case of Audit. Any one can file it, who has knowledge about it. So, I can file your return, give me your details online. Currently I am pursuing CA course. And every CA charge fee depending upon financial position of client. Same return can be filed in 5000 and same can be filed in 250



Very well explained…