Do you get money from stocks?

To know is there any ROI in Stocks.

Of course there is. Please elaborate what’re you actually trying to figure out

Yes, unless you don’t know what you’re doing.

Yes, some dividend-paying stocks give good ROI if you know to pick them.

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yes, if u are chosen right trade at the right time u will definitely earn money

Yes, provided you do it after proper analysis of the fundamentals of the company and the investment is for a long term.

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Yes, the average annual ROI is believed to be around 7%. Though nothing is guaranteed, investing in good stocks ensures profits overtime.

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Of course you can make money from stocks if you understand the market sentiment and know your way in the market, why not?

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Of course you can but study a bit first to see in which ones you should invest

Yes just make sure to choose the right ones after some research

Yeah but make sure to educate yourself before you make a choice


Of course, but it’s tricky to learn trading in stocks.

Kinda depends the sector but yeah you need education but the payoff is worth the time.

Yes, you can make money from stocks if your selection game is strong enough.

Yes, you can if you work on your research and are able to find potential stocks that meet your financial goals and risk tolerance.

We work on the principles of Elliott wave, We mostly make entry in stocks when 3 of 3rd wave starts and results in good returns.

If your stocks are good and you know what you are doing, and if you have diversified your portfolio well, you can make money in the stock market.

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