Do you know any debt funds like these?

I consider Bharat Bond ETF as near soverign debt/safest and also give good returns.

Do you know any Debt funds/ETF which are similar to this BB ETF?
Like soverign gaurantee and better returns than FD


This is a good guiding video

Have a look.

You yourself can determine accordingly :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are multiple options.

  1. All Gilt mutual funds invests in Gsec and meets your criteria.
  2. There are some ETF / index funds which invest is GSEC + SDL (state development loans) and are rated sovereign. Eg. Nippon India ETF Nifty SDL - 2026 Maturity. There are couple more like this
  3. Last option would be debt mutual fund category Banking & PSU fund. These are not really sovereign rated, but they invest in PSU bonds (like BB ETF) + bank bonds.

You can look up this categories.

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Thanks. this really helps