Do you or anyone you know buys from BATA?

Hardly knows anyone buying shoes from bata. Is the BATA stock price movement, fundamentally supported ?

My sister works in bata india ltd. She says that the company is overhauling the entire range quite fast to target younger generation and they have taken franchise for lot of international brands. Their sales have increased in couple of months because of the changes.

I purchased bata shoes pure leather 3 year back for 3k. I still wear twice a week. Good quality

Bata India is moving as if government has mandated people to wear shoes on hands also

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With Bata the current price of 1260-1300 seems very high to me. The recent results do not project the EOSS discounts & also the cost of opening new stores & franchise acquisitions are also not projected in the oct-dec quarter. All of EOSS discounts & the other costs are taken in jan-mar quarter & hence the last quarter results won’t be very encouraging. I feel bata would be a good buy around 900-950 price range. Also techinals wise 900-950 is a very strong support & 1300 should be a reversal point for bata.