Do you think Nifty50 will keep going up?

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What is NIFTY50?

NIFTY 50 index is the National Stock Exchange of India's standard stock market index; that accounts for transactions in the equity market of India. It covers 22 sectors of the Indian market and is owned by India Index Services and Products (IISL.)

Gains in NIFTY50

Largely, ever since May, the index has been seeing overall rises, and currently, has risen to 8600 points. Despite gloomy predictions that Brexit will bring it down, even in July, due to US jobs data which indicated that the world’s strongest economy was back on track, there were high points.

It’s always difficult to predict exactly when investors will turn risk-shy, or when the market will go down.

Recent Events

A few events that might be expected to have effects on the NIFTY50 index are

  • The signing of the Good and Services Tax into law. The market has already reacted favorably, as it is expected to increase growth. Once the rates are set, investors will react further.

  • Brexit will undoubtedly have an effect on the economy. While so far, Theresa May seems to be cautious, once there is a change in the European Union economy, it will affect global markets and have an impact on Indian markets as well.

  • After the US elections are over, there will be announcements about how election promises are to be kept. Depending on the winner, the market might react very upsettingly. The US economy will also affect global rates.

Winter crops and all year round crop harvests will impact the Indian economy.


Every indication is that, while the NIFTY50 index will go down soon, the reaction will be of a brief period while investors look at the market. With the RBI doing its best to control inflation growth to manageable levels, there is hope that overall, the index will keep rising overall.

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