Do you think zerodha should implement Trader Chat Room so that zerodha's traders can chat in real time?


Yes, ofcourse, will be very helpful for zerodha trading community.


After Pulse and Kite extension, this facility may be next turning point for zerodha. Will recommend it.

Yes, I would strongly support this, because other platforms such as MoneyControl, rediff money has lot of spam and ads and irrelavent material. We need a dedicated chatrooms for each stock for all zerodha/other clients which will prevent spam and stupid ads.

I hope I will get some reply from zerodha officials on it whether to implement it or not or whether they have taken my feedback to see this matter.

Still no response.

wow. Not a relevant question here according to zerodha. But all other rubbish who share irrelevant links that are shared here are relevant for them. I was just asking the question to traders not you zerodha. So better be responsible moderator next time. Poor job.

refer here nithin has replied (Zerodha Trade room?)