Do you trade on those days when the movement in the stocks is not as per your expectations

I want to know what is your decisions for trading on this type of situations.

I usually realize that the movement of the stock is not according to expectation only after I have taken a trade. So, might have to trade accordingly.


Live Example :joy:

Recently When UIDAI cancelled E-kyc of AIRTEL.

I was in Full Mood to Short AIRTEL on 18 December 2017 at Opening But Wait wait I decided to wait and not to Enter early Because Airtel is in Good Uptrend with Good Volumes.

I saw It Touched the support levels and Quickly Bounced back from support levels Instead of breaking support levels.

Even with bad news About stock I was in full mood of shorting and looking at the current Price Action I bought stock and Booked Profit.

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