Does a streak look at the current candles?

I have a very simple algorithm and I’m trying to figure out how to implement it in streak?

I have to enter a purchase order when the price of a particular stock is near the low of its previous day.
For example, if the low of Hindalco on April 11, 2018 was Rs. 231, and then on April 12, 2018 I should buy the Hindalco if its price reaches near 231.

How do I code this? There does not seem to be any parameter available for the current price. I do see parameters for the high, low, open and close but that is possible only if the candle is completed. What is the way to examine the parameters of the current candle

Thank you for any inputs

Dear Sir,

As per our discussion, you can do it by using prev N candle indicator, using this can select Prev N(Low,-1,day) to compare with the yesterday low price.


Hi there,

My query is to buy when yesterday’s rsi has crossed below 30 in daily chart and today’s close is greater than supertrend in 5 mins chart … is that possible?

Hi Raja,

Currently technical indicators based on multiple time frames is not supported. We have it in our release list.


i have this logic,

Buy 2750 shares when open crosses above 50 sma and 14 rsi higher than 50.0 and open higher than 20 ema and 12 ema higher than 20 ema at 1 minute interval using candlestick chart.
Enter trade between 09:00 to 23:30

i want to enter at the low of immidiate next candle as it crosses 50 sma, but always it enters at close or high or next candle, if there is specific code, please inform me.

It always enters at the open price of the next candle, as that the only price that is established the earliest.
The low of the immediate next candle is not known this the candle closes, so how can the trade be executed as such.
Limit orders, will give you some control on the price that you are want to enter at, that’s we are working on releasing it very soon.