Does any head roll for repeated failures at Zerodha?

Zerodha is unfortunately becoming another name for repeated failures and inability to scale up. Does any one in Zerodha take up responsibility for so called technical issues? Does any head roll?

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There is a limit to which Certain types of technology becomes scale-able.

Especially when there are too many participants involved in the chain.

Too many cooks , spoil the broth.

Like, when the 4g becomes congested , the users switch to 3g on their phone for better speeds.

Alternate platform like NSENOW or NEST with the same broker , will be more robust , since the traffic is less congested.

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yes, zerodha’s technical problems are increasing day by day. me and my friends are going to switch our accounts to other broker.

We had explained what happened day before here

This one unfortunately was out of control, can/does happen to any broker. The BO/CO orders are an issue when anything happens with our lines and makes instant switching to a parallel line for the affected clients a nightmare. We have a fix coming for this in the next release as explained in the above post.

My suggestion in that case is to completely switch off BO/CO orders until new thing is in place.
Have a transparent policy on compensation ( as it is only 1.5% of the customers and 0.3% are affected as mentioned). If not in the profit side but on the loss side.

Suggestion to take the counter position helps only if the current position can be known. On the eventful day, even the current position could not be seen. The order was just shown as open pending. Once I decided to cancel, cancel was not happening.